Longleaf Community Development District is a unique community composed of a diverse collection of amenities, both natural and man-made. These amenities exist for the quiet, responsible, and respectful enjoyment of the members of the District. Membership shall be defined as individuals or families who receive the benefits of the District through the payment of the annual operations and maintenance assessment. For the residents of the District, including qualified renters, these assessments are levied through the non-ad valorem portion of the annual property tax bill. For non-residents, membership may be obtained through the annual payment of the median operations and maintenance assessment; determined by the operational assessments levied against the median residential product type within the District having an EAU value of 1.00. In Longleaf’s case, that product type is the single-family residential product having fifty feet of road frontage. These assessments are determined during the annual budget process through public hearing and are advertised in accordance with the Florida Statutes.

In general, exclusive or private use of the District’s natural and man-made amenities is prohibited. However, the District may find special circumstance to allow for the directed use of facilities within the District in the event of community-wide benefit. These uses may include, but are not limited to: sports teams, classes, and neighborhood events. The District Manager and Board of Supervisors will evaluate each proposed directed use event on its individual merits before applying the uniform fee schedule in order to ensure that the members of the District are provided with the highest and best utilization and enjoyment of the multitude of amenities within Longleaf Community Development Distrist.