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  • Dear THGV Residents,

    Property Manager Glenn Scalia, Town Home/ Garden Villa Committee Chairman Mario Caldarola and myself will be inspecting the THGVs today. So if you see us on your property, that is why.

    George Albright
    LNA Secretary

    If anybody is interested, we are in need of extras for a video shoot at Generations Church on Friday, October 16th at 1540 Little Rd, Trinity, FL. We will be videotaping a safety video based on mass shooter reenactments from 9am-2pm.

    Because of that, please do not be alarmed of any law enforcement activity there tomorrow. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office and S.W.A.T. team are involved, so those driving by might not understand that we are conducting a drill. Blanks will be fired inside creating much noise, so feel free to notify anyone alarmed by such activities.


    George Albright

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